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At 02:58 PM 1/6/97 EST, rdubois@VNET.IBM.COM wrote:
>Well, I think I'm ready to make my Web Page available
>for stone throwing.

Nope.  No stones here.  I'm looking forward to another summer filled with
on-line journals from the trail. 

I was surprised, however, at the page that listed your planned itinerary.
Now, I know that you probably won't stick to that exactly, but it will be
relatively close.  As a woman hiking alone -- no, as ANYONE hiking alone --
are you sure you want that info plastered on the information superhighway
for any  nut to access?  I remember last year Dan deleting the dates from
Gutsy's journals and posting them well after she had left the area to be
safe -- and that was just going to our nice little at-l family.  

My god, I'm sounding more and more like my mother every day...

Jennifer Delia Sawyer	|	"Be the best you can be
Hall Director		|	in the place that you are;
Department of Residential Life	|	and be kind.  
University of New Hampshire	|	Kind to yourself,
Durham, NH  03824		|	Kind to others and 
(603) 862-3812		|	Kind to the land."
jdsawyer@hopper.unh.edu	|		-- Helen Neering

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