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[at-l] at-l Backpack (storage) question

Sandra Downs wrote:
> Since I still haven't settled on a pack, there's one factor I'm curious
> about: on the AT, what was the *minimum* cubic inches you could get away
> with? Obviously this is linked to "pack light." Still, when I'm looking at a
> 4300 c.i. vs. 5000 c.i. internal frame pack, I have to wonder...if I go with
> the larger (and heavier) pack, will I be more tempted to fill it with stuff
> I don't need <G>?

In a word, yes.  Most thruhikers I met last year were carrying packs
more like the smaller one you mention.  Mine was just over 5000 ci & was
one of the largest I saw.  Unless you're a large person, I'd go light.

- The Priest
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