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Re: [at-l] Good News

> Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 13:02:02 -0500
> To: jplynch@crosslink.net (James P. Lynch)
> From: zwoods@tiac.net (Zach Woods)
> Subject: Re: [at-l] Re: [pct-l] Good News
> James -
> Old Nesmuk was an Adirondack Guide.  I have seen many books that include
> biographical info on him in stores in the Adirondacks (Northern NY State).
> My guess is that if you find a book about the early European settlement of
> the ADKs you will find info about Old Nesmuk.
> Zach
> >>Who said:  (and I paraphrase)  "I don't come to the woods to 'rough it,' I
> >>come to 'smooth it.'  I get it rough enough at home."
> >
> >I think it was 'Old Nesmuk' a legendary hiker/outdoorsman in the Northeast
> >(Pennsylvania?).  [Side note: if anyone has a clue about a Nesmuk biography
> >or such, I'd love to know about it!].
> >
> > Zach Woods                   

I must have deleted Zach's original message by mistake, so I'm glad this
query resurfaced.  The only biography in book form that I can locate is a
28-pg. item called "Who Was Nessmuk?", published for the Nessmuk
sesquicentennial in 1971 by the Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce, P.O.Box
733, Wellsboro, PA 16901.  Phone is (717)724-1926.  You could contact them
to see if copies are still available.

However, first try this URL--I think it may have all you need!


That really *is* a good quote...maybe I should add it to my signature

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