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Re: [at-l] long distance hiking with young teenagers

>I'm wondering if anyone on this list has done long distance hiking with a
>13-14 year old girl or boy.  Did it work out well?  Was it a disaster?  How
>much experience did he/she/you have?  Should I be thinking of younger or
>older ages for the hike?

Hi Jim!
        All I can say is that I wish someone had "introduced" me to hiking,
long distance or otherwise, when I was a young teenager.  I sure could've
used the confidence and self-esteem it would have instilled in me as I was
pretty low on both at the time.  It also would have given me something
better to do than party, drink and smoke up.  Ah, well, we all learn in the
end.....usually later rather than sooner! :)  This is just my opinion, but I
think you should get her into hiking as soon as possible, and then work up
to long distance hikes once she gets used to it - it'll do her a world of
good!   Good luck!

Take care,

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