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[at-l] Pennsylvania trails

Dear Kahley and Deb (and others who like to hike in Pennsylvania)

You wrote:

>I think that from my limited experience some of the trails further north
--Black Forest, >Susquehannock, are not as rocky  as these in Central PA. .
The Mid State and Link for example >are very.  I was wondering if the
Quehanna was less rocky.

Jim and I have done a lot of hiking in Pennsylvania.  You are right, the
Midstate and Link and Tuscarora Trails are rocky (they make the AT look like
a walk in the park) but the views are great.   If you go farther north or
east, there is good hiking without the rocks.  The Quehanna, Donut Hole,
Loyalsock, Laurel Highlands, Susquehannock, Black Forest, Old Loggers Path,
Chuck Keiper, Bucktail, Golden Eagle, Horseshoe, Terrace Mountain, Pinchot
and John Saylor trails are worth doing and not that far from you.  (We drive
there, and we live in DC.)  You may have problems because they don't get
much use, (i.e. blowdowns), but rocks aren't a problem. There are several
thousand miles of trail in PA If you want more info, check out the KTA home
page (Keystone Trails Association) or ask us.  We have done all of them but
the Laurel Highlands.

Ginny Owen
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