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Re: [at-l] Wapiti S.

> Yes, this is one of the AT's more infamous incidents. I stayed in Wapiti
> Shelter a few weeks ago and there were numerous references to it in the
> shelter log. Several hikers wrote that they thought they heard footsteps
> all night long around the shelter. Me, I slept like a rock.

I'm a little behind on mail, but thought I'd contribute.  I stayed at the
shelter last year.  After reading the shelter log entries, and realizing that
I actually remember when it happened, I was pretty spooked.  After it got dark,
a nice round full moon rose up and lit up the woods pretty well.  It was in 
the middle of Fall, so every single leaf that fell during the night sounded 
like a footstep.  I'd hear one, then strain to listen for the next one, but
drove myself nuts until I realized what it was.  Then I did hear footsteps.
real soft and not regular.  Like someone trying to walk quietly through
the dead leaves.  I realized they were getting closer and closer.  Just as I 
realized that they were right on the back side of the shelter (where I
couldn't see), I sat up in the shelter and got a hold of my flashlight.  (That
was the closest that I had to a "weapon.")  Then a herd of deer stepped into
the clearing on their way through!!!!!  Was I ever relieved.  After that
happened (about midnight) I was able to sleep soundly the rest of the night.
I didn't get up about 4:00 to use the privy and when I sat up, I heard them
coming back again.  Seeing a herd of 10-15 deer under a full moon was quite
a sight!!  Nothing new, just a personal story of the area...

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