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[at-l] Hello 'dere

I am going to be taking 3 weeks off in May to do some backpacking on the
AT.  (Yea for me!!)  This will be my first trip of this length and am
quite excited about it.  Have mostly done 3-4 dayers in the past.  I
have not yet decided which part to do but want to keep it in NC/VA.  My
first question is are there any suggested areas here for a 3-weeker? 
Looking forward to the solitude but still require once a week re-supply
stop.  Second question is what will the temperatures be like beginning
of may in these areas?

Thanks Alot!


equipment stuff:
Asolo Globoline Meridian's  (really comfy but god awful ugly!)
Gregory Expedition Evolution external  (also comfy and big)
kelty tent
GAZ stove
PUR hiker
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