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[at-l] Sams Gap-Allen Gap, NC

We've been hearing from AT section hikers lately.  Well, I'm another one. 
Haven't progressed as far as some (Hi, Felix!), but I'm working on it!
I'm planning my Spring hike...tentatively the end of April, going
south from Sams Gap to Allen Gap (NC).  

So, if anyone has any comments on this section, I'd like to receive them.
Anything at all--shelter conditions (Hogback Ridge, Flint Mountain, Jerry
Cabin, Little Laurel), any places the trail is hard to follow, any
excessive blowdowns, any terrific views, etc. etc.  Oh, yes--is it
(relatively) safe to leave cars at Sams and Allen Gaps??  

Am also hoping to visit Dan Bruce's place in Hot Springs.  How much would
I get out of that, since I'm just a <mere> section hiker.  :-)  Comments?

Like someone said, no matter what else we're doing, thoughts of past or
future backpacking are lurking around in our skulls, working their magic
and keeping us happy and sane.   Happy Hiking New Year, all! -- Earthworm

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