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[at-l] Steve, Thoughts on Paper


Thanks for you input, I accept it with great pleasure.  Since I have never
hiked and experienced the AT for myself, how am I to stick to the subject. 
I began writing that prose, the week I decided to attempt the AT.  Those
paragrahps, taking from different sections of my writings are only the
begining, like I had mentioned.  Once I start and complete my journey, you
will see how those writings fit into place.  Comprehension takes time and


Mike MacLean 
P.S.  Kinda like my life story, leading upto....
> From: Steve Dopp <afn04345@afn.org>
> To: at-l@saffron.hack.net
> Subject: [at-l] RE:  Thoughts on Paper
> Date: Tuesday, December 31, 1996 12:10 PM
> Mike,
> Since you honestly want to know what we think of your writing, I'll tell
> you.  I think I'd try again.  What does any of what you have written have
> do with hiking the AT?  Helpful suggestion:  Stick to the subject.

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