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[at-l] Shuttle (fwd)

Forwarded message:
> From: wb4pan@juno.com (Charles W Davidson)
> Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 17:42:03 EST
>             My brother plans to hike a week with me next year on my
> Thru-Hike. I am looking for a SHUTTLE  FROM: the trail crossing at   
> U.S. 76/Dicks Creek Gap/Hiawasee/Clayton.  TO:Amicalola...Springer area.
> I will contact the folks at the "Blueberry Hostel" about leaving a
> vehicle there and possible shuttle. I would like this shuttle Saturday
> March 1, 1997. Anyone got info please write.
> chase

The last I knew, a list of shuttles could be obtained by sending a
stamped, self-addressed, envelope to the Appalachian Trail Conference,
P.O.Box807, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425  You can verify this by calling
304-535-6331 or e-mailing appalachiantrail@charitiesusa.com
Hope this helps everyone...we keep getting questions about shuttles.
I've used several shuttles from the ATC list and never had a problem with
any of them.
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