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[at-l] Section hiking

I've been section-hiking for about 8 years now. Take a look at the 
signature file below. I sometimes wonder how many miles I've driven and 
how much travel money I've spent. There was one hike that I actually 
spent more time driving than I did hiking (Bad knee :-((( (That was the 
Elk Park--->Hampton trip.) I, too, hope to thru-hike after I complete my 
section hiking. I have 1200 miles to go, so I'm looking at another 8-10 
years (Oh, God. I hadn't thought of that). But, I almost always have a 
trip planned and something to look forward to.

Ft. Royal-->Gravel Sp.  Dav. Gap-->Fontana<--Winding Stair Gap
Gravel Sp.<--Rock Sp.-->South River<--Rip-Rap Trailhead  Waynesboro<--
LongMtn. Wayside-->Buchanon Trail-->Catawba-->Bland Penmar-->HF-->Ft. 
Dav. Gap-->Hot Springs<--Erwin<--Elk Park-->Hampton-->Damascus<--Atkins
Winding Stair Gap-->Dick's Creek Gap<--Springer Mtn. Gravel Sp.-->Rock 
Sp. Hut

Not in that order...

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