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Re: [at-l] long distance hiking with young teenagers

> If she wanted to do it, I think that walking the trail would be a marvelous
> "contradiction" to the negative messages that young girls get far too many
> of.  It can't do anything but good to take a kid out of junior high and put
> her in a place where everyone sweats and no one takes a bath.  It would have
> to help with peer pressure too.  And, of course, it would be a pretty
> special way to spend some time with Dad!

I think it really will help a teenaged girl's self esteem - you are
telling her she has the strength and determiniation to walk over 2000
miles and complete a goal that many can not and will not. I wish my
parents had that much belief in me at that age. :)

> That's the fantasy.  Reality is likely to be different.
> I'm wondering if anyone on this list has done long distance hiking with a
> 13-14 year old girl or boy.  Did it work out well?  Was it a disaster?  How
> much experience did he/she/you have?  Should I be thinking of younger or
> older ages for the hike?

You are assuming the right things. At 14, I was a pain in the ass. Yeah,
me! Go figure! While the message of "you can do it!" is really
encouraging, at that age a 2000 mile hike is a bit past the normal
attention span. Teenage girls are known to be a bit spastic, indecisive
and hot headed. I know - I was one! :)

Also consider at that age, she is still growing. It might not be such a
good idea to take on such a rigorous hike while she is still that young.

I personally think that 17 is a better age. She will graduate from high
school, be a bit more focused, and will be about to start on a huge part
of her life (college). If she wants to do it then, I think the two of you
will be much happier. :)

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