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Re: [at-l] Harpers Ferry Jan 25th

Hi - 

I was at the ATC office today and mentioned to Laurie Pottiger (sp.?) 
(the former thru-hiker who took over Jean Cashin's job when Jean retired
earlier his year) that a group of potential thru-hikers for '97 was
planning to meet in Harpers Ferry the weekend of the 25th and asked if she
might open up the HQ for an hour or two on Saturday, the 25th and she
said she'd be happy to.  (The HQ is open on weekends during late
spring, summer and early fall but not over the winter.)  Whoever is
organizing the get together can call her at ATC at 304-535-6331 to make
arrangements about the time if there is interest in having the HQ be
opened up.

Saw some Hepatica in bloom along the trail in the Front Royal area last

--Kathy Bilton

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