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[at-l] Thoughts on Paper...

Here is the begining of my book/journal.  I would love some feedback.  I am
a future AT -thru hiker and I want to see how the book will change once I
am done my trip.  I will be writing along the way.  I do not really want to
publish this book, just have pages filled with words so my family will have
something to remember me by.  You may be bored that's okay, tell me... :)

Mike MacLean
Zoologist in Training

My Thoughts on Paper:

Life begins with conception.  However, nobody can conceive the idea of
their parents love-making.  I have always thought of life as being there,
not even thinking about the countless bodily functions, the daily decisions
or even the wonderful emotion called love.  And this is the way humans are
brought up.  It has only been until recent years that the education system
has transferred is teaching activities to reach all far aspects of science,
specially life sciences.  One can purchase many books, CD-Roms, or even
surf the web to research countless topics and ideas of others.  It is not
until you research  your or ideas that you may understand life.  

I have always thought of my childhood as being fairly normal.  Two parents,
one income, and two sisters.  Food was always on the table and clothes in
our closets.  Therefore I had little worries about my life and it's futile
existence, or should I say future existence.  Children always repeat that
they can hardly wait to grow older, and yet little do they realize growing
older begins with birth.  After that nine months of warmth and comfort, the
human organism begins to prepare for death.  Now every biologist accepts
this theory, and I too I begin to understand its lesson.   It wasn't until
undergraduate studies that I became aware of the environment and it's role
in our lives.  Terms such as biosphere, biome, eco-system, food-chain,
photosynthesis, and even death (absence of warmth)  made me understand that
I realize this planet we call earth is dying.  Who would of figured.  It
wasn't a as if the professors were preaching this theory, I just began
thinking and came to the conclusion based on their presented ideas.  

One can grasp this theory that I am talking about, if you think about the
earth and it's processes.  Glacial erosion, continental drift (tectonic
movement) and movement of water has shaped the earth and eventually shaped
our lives.  Water determines where we live, how we eat, when we bathe and
most importantly--if we survive.  It is common knowledge that is take water
to grow and sustain life on this planet.  In comparison, that is the reason
no other life form is in existent on any other planet in our solar system,
regardless of what the X-files tell us. 

People do have their beliefs in religion and that is perfectly normal part
of human nature.  Evolution is also another option which now currently has
surprising new research and evidence to promote Darwin's theory.  You will
base your decision on the facts you have gathered, yes that is true,
however it's other people opinion's you have explored that is the most
deeming aspect.  People have always judged, love and learned from other
human beings.  Judging is a normal part of every day life (presence of
warmth).  You look at the guy with the good looking girl and you think
"What does she see in that guy?"  And with out knowing it you have judged
the situation tremendously.  You have judged the couple on first
impressions consisting of 1) facial/body appearance 2) clothes 3) body
language.  Some psychologist suggest that body language is the first
impressionable notation.  Looking at the couple you have watched them walk
closer to yourself, watching their facial expression, listened to words
being said, while conforming a split section opinion of the couple.  And
without any real reasoning you deemed the male "ugly" and the female
"pretty".  If you really think about it, the only quality we base our
opinions on is facial\body appearance!  For vision is the most used sense
of them all.  This can be clearly related to the natural world of animal
physiology and behaviour.

P.S. I would love to read anyone else's work!!

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