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[at-l] Men: best kept pain reliever secret

> a number of years ago, I was on a trip and woke up the morning we were 
> supposed to hike out feeling horrible.  Sick, headache, etc.  I was not in
> any mood to go anywhere.
> My friend told me that his fiancee had turned him onto Midol (she got the 
> idea from her father, who uses it backpacking when he is hurting).  My friend
> kept some in his first aid kit, and whatever is in it got me feeling 
> pretty good in not too long.  I practically flew out of there.
> Midol is now a staple in my first aid kit.
> -jeff
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I don't have a bottle handy but I think that Midol's main ingredient is
Vitamin I (ibuprophen).  Back in the 60's bill Cosby made a similar observation
in one of his stand up routines.  I think it's on either the album 
Wonderfulness or Why It There Air


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