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Re: [at-l] nite hiking

I tried a little night hiking a few weeks ago, and found that my feet could
generally feel the trail and follow it easily enough. 

Once though, I stumbled into a clearing where several footpaths converged,
and it took me about 45 minutes to find the correct path out. My light
couldn't pick up any blazes across the clearing, so I had to try each
possible path until I finally got close enough to the trees on the opposite
side of the clearing for the white blazes to twinkle and confirm that I was
headed in the right direction.

Later, I finally found the side trail for the shelter, but my light
couldn't pick up the blue blazes unless I was practically sitting in the
trees on which they were painted.

I think I'd enjoy night hiking, but probably more so in the summer than in
winter. On a warm summer's night you can probably afford to make a few
mistakes like getting lost or tripping into a creek. 

Tony Roberts
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