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[at-l] re: double dog sick

Kahley wrote:

>It got me to thinking...what happens when you get double dog sick on 
>the trail? 

on the at in thruhiker season, help is never far away.  if it's really
serious, someone can usually get help to you within a day or two.  i took
quite a supply of "severe cold/flu" type medication on my hike.  used it a
few times myself, but gave most of it away to people that really needed it
at the time.  doesn't cure anything, but sure can give you some relief so
that you can sleep and let your body do the work.

here's a good emergency story:  some of you may know of the hermit and
dragon lady, older couple in their 60's i think.  they were flip flopping in
92 when dragon lady slipped and (unknowingly, i think) broke her leg north
of caratunk.  they pitched their tent right on the trail and decided to wait
it out.  the hermit went in to caratunk the next day to notify the forest
service what had happened and what they were doing, and get more supplies.
we came upon them the day after that, flashlight obstructing the trail
better than any blowdown!  i think they had decided that things weren't
going to get better, and the hermit was preparing to go into caratunk again
to arrange an evacuation.  they mentioned that they had so many offers of
help from hikers passing by, they never considered themselves in any real
danger.  i'm not sure how they eventually got dragon lady out, but i believe
they finished their thru-hike in 93 after she was well mended.

btw, for those interested, the new pct-l is now up and running...

ke kaahawe

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