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[at-l] re: ted bundy.../ bikers

>At 12:37 PM 12/19/96 -0600, E. George Oeser wrote:
>>I had a conversation just last week with a friend about bikers and how
>>people have an irrational fear of them
>And some of us have an irrational attraction to them.  Go figure...
>:)  Happy Holidays!

anyone know if "jersey john" still operates his motel in roan mountain, nc?

in 92, his sign read "bikers and hikers welcome" and he had converted one of
his motel rooms into a bunk room for hikers.  his nephew had done the trail
in '88 and that's where he learned about the thru-hiking community.  said he
had tried some hiking himself but it wasn't compatible with his physique!
what a host to hikers, though!  after he dropped me off at the trail the
next morning, i realized i'd forgotten my hiking stick, so he went back down
(paused to cook a huge pancake breakfast for 5 other thruhikers) then came
roaring back up on a huge hog, threw me my stick, did a 180, and roared away
again.  one of my favorite memories...

ke kaahawe

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