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Re: [at-l] re: double dog sick

Mike -

Rumor had it that Jersey John contracted terminal cancer
several years ago, sold the motel and moved to Florida.
 Maybe Wingfoot knows more, but he had to drop off
this list in order to get the Handbook done.

Concerning Hermit and Dragon Lady - she was brought
off the mountain by a rescue crew and stayed in Gorham
for a while (we stayed there with her for a couple days)
while he went out to finish the AT.   Then she finished
in 93.  We ran into them again in 95 in the Shenandoah -
they were doing another thruhike, but this time they were
in ultralite mode - their packs were about the size of our
daypacks.   We heard later that they finished.

Merry Christmas and
Walk softly through those reindeer droppings

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