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[at-l] re: sandy's misc

sandy, here are my thoughts:

>The above is the header information I am
>thinking about putting on my journals, so what do
>you think, too much? not enough ? maybe different
>info ? 
i started doing the mileage thing, with AT miles and non-AT miles (ie blue
blazes to shelters, towns, sights etc) each day, and periodically adding
them up for a total.  it didn't last too long, and i'm sorry for that.  it
would be great to know, of all the miles walked from ga to me, how many were
actually on the white blazes?  weather info would have been good, too.  for
a few years after my hike, i could remember all the details, but it's
begining to fade.  i guess that means i have to do it again.  all that
information seemed too logical and practical, and i wanted to be more
creative in my journal; now i wish i had made time to record all those
details, too.
>Do you have any opinions on the following in the Whites,
>The Perch,
i love the perch.  i have stayed there twice while doing weekend hikes in
the whites before my thruhike.  it is the smallest shelter i've seen - can't
stand upright, fits about 6, very solid.  literally perched on the side of
the mountain; the area has awesome views west of the valley below, and
sunsets.  wonderful gushing stream that emerges from rocks a little further
up the mountain.  also has tent platforms nearby.  unfortunately, i didn't
stay there on my thruhike, as i went from mizpah to madison.  usually
bypassed by thruhikers because it's nearly a mile off the trail and a few
hundred feet down, but don't let that stop you.  it's got great ambiance.

>Would you or wouldn't you use the post office on Mt.
>Washington for a mail drop ?  (about second or third 
>week in June )
i lost my ridgerest out of the trunk of a car while visiting friends near
moose mtn shelter.  i called ems and had them send a new one to mt
washington.  got there for lunch, post office was open, thankfully got my
pad after three or four days sleeping on my extra clothes.  the po was full
of thruhiker boxes.  how can you pass by the opportunity of resupplying
ontop of a mountain?

>If you were only going to stay in one hut in the Whites,
>which one would it be ?
carter notch is less touristy, more earthy than many of the others.  the
crew there were great to us.  i didn't stay at galehead, but that might be
nice as it is the most remote hut in the system.  definately stay at pinkham
- they really respect thru-hikers there, you get to put in a few volunteer
hours in their kitchen and get a huge meal in return

>If you did mail drops what item(s) did you find you
>really over did it on ?
gorp.  i found i just didn't eat as much as i thought i would, and it's easy
to make along the way if you need it.  jus john overdid jolly ranchers -
from harpers ferry on, he left nearly a pound of them at each mail drop!
and jello puddings.  the idea of pudding is appealing because it is easy and
has lots of calories.  unfortunately, after about three weeks, i couldn't
stand the texture anymore, and had to give away about 100 pudding packets
the rest of the way.

>Was there any one (or more) town stop(s), that if you 
>had to do it over again, you would avoid like the plague ?
none would i avoid "like the plague" - didn't really have a bad experience
anywhere.  but elk park, nc (us rte 19) *seemed* a little uncomfortable, or
maybe it was just all the hype about unfriendliness to hikers.  hampton, now
that the trail goes nearer there, may be better.  also fontana dam is just
plain inconvenient; hard to hitch, and store is expensive and of little use
anyway.  unfortunately, it's the best place for a mail drop before/after the
smokies.  i spent a layover day at the hilton there, so walking back and
forth wasn't really a hassle from a time/miles standpoint.  gave me
something to do.

>Sandy and Alison
>"The Smiths"
>ME to GA '97  (REXX says leaving in 5 months 0 days )
anyone got a washcloth to cool that fever?

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