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Re: [at-l]shelters close to the road

In a message dated 96-12-19 13:26:45 EST, you write:

<< I've never had a bad experience at all in the woods.  Maybe I've just been
 lucky.  Anyone else? >>
i too have been lucky.  however, one night this summer i used an easy-access
camping spot only because i was so exhausted (20 mile day)...i usually never
use that kind of spot while solo...but anyway, there was a typical group of
white trash (i'll feel free to categorize here), intoxicated, 'take the
gunrack off the truck, we're goin to town' types that i had to walk past in
order to get to a more secluded spot.  i was accosted verbally and felt
wholly uneasy with their proximity.  not good.  if i had been any less
exhausted i would have kept moving.  circumstances prohibited that.

although nothing came of it (but a rather sleepless night--i've never held
pee that long or painfully in my life) it opened my eyes that not every human
being out there is kewl....also reinforced comfort levels with carrying
pepper spray...even as unsubstantiated piece of mind.  i won't stay there
again alone just because it has such easy access to non-backpackers.

live and learn i 'spose
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