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[at-l] West Branch Ponds Road A.T. crossing

Just got my 1997 Appalachian Trail DATA BOOK. I need info on the A.T.
crossing on West Branch Ponds Road in Maine.  This road is shown to be at
mile mark 69.8 and is shown to have (L,M 4m W).  Can anyone tell me what
kind of Lodging is available and Meals that is 4 miles West of the trail on
this road?  I would like to know the name of the place of Lodging and also
the place that has Meals if different from the Lodging.  Does anyone know
the telephone number for the place of lodging?  Also what Highway (number
and location) do you turn off of to get on the West Branch Ponds Road?  What
type of road surface is the road?

I ask a lot, but I've found that some hikers know a lot!  Thanks.

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