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[at-l] Murdered Hikers

Felix wrote:
snip...I felt almost relieved to find that they in 
fact were not thru-hikers. ...End Snip

It is similar to the reports on plane crashes on the other side of the world
where if no Americans were on board, no one cares.  It doesn't affect us as 
much if the victims were not members of the tribe.  Even more so would be the
reaction if the perps were thru-hikers rather than deranged, interbred locals.

Each of us had met people on the trail with whom we would rather not have
anything to do.  My last outing I arrived at the shelter to find it occupied
by 3 skinheads from eastern europe who were on their second day there.  Just
pitched our tentage far enough from the shelter that i could see them coming 
and slept with one eye open.  I can't say I was upset when, heading home the 
next day, I saw them being grilled by the local constabulary.

Happy trails
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