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[at-l] RE: books

I think an informative book to read/get if you're planning on doing a
thru-hike is Earl Shaffer's "Walking with Spring".  It was a real eye
opener for me to hike across Unaka mountain and compare that view with
what Earl saw.  While it pertains to the first thru hike he did in
1948, it still offers an interesting  perspective as compared to the
Trail of today.

Another book I consistently recommend to folks thinking about doing a
thru hike is Cindy Ross's, "A Woman's Journey."  I guess it's the
combination of the pen and ink drawings, coupled with the handwritten
text, that makes both the pain and joy of long distance hiking come
alive.  I feel it's a very realistic portrayal of the mental and
physical aspects of doing a long distance hike, and one that has not
become too dated as the years have gone by.
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