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RE: [at-l] ATC patches

Hi Jim,

Some years ago the ATC asked for a special contribution, can't even remember 
what for right now.  They sent me a diamond shapped patch that is black, 
gray and silver.  In the center of the silver diamond is the AT symbol and 
surrounding that is lettering that says "Appalachian Trail Maine To Georgia" 
.  On the gray boarder is more lettering that says, "Appalachian Trail 
Conference Member".  I went and got it out of the drawer so I could discribe 
it exactly.  I keep meaning to sew it on my pack but it hasn't happend yet. 
  I also have the round, green and white patchs that you are thinking about. 
 Hope this clears up the mystery.

Happy Holidays,

From Jim:
Subject: [at-l] ATC patches
Date: Saturday, December 14, 1996 7:47PM

I thought I read that someone had a diamond or lozenge shaped ATC patch.  I
thought they were the round "Appalachian Trail Georgia to Maine" patches.
Am I mixed up, or are there two patches?

Jim Greenway
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