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[at-l] Protect the Environment

<< The same clear cut that makes you mad might have supplied the wood for
your house or the paper you write on.

It's really up to individuals to cut back on their lifestyle.  I think
Americans want to have it all, but there are consequences to this type of
behaivor and one of them is environmental destruction.  >>

Tom, you hit the nail right on the head.  We are bombarded daily with so much
advertising that we begin to believe we can't do without all that stuff.
 Ours is a throwaway society.   My use of paper towels, for example, has
continually increased  the past few years.  I've just switched to rags to
clean and do windows, and have bought some handi-wipes for dusting.  Even
though they're made from petroleum they will last longer than paper.  When
did we quit using handkerchiefs and begin using paper tissues?  Computers
have probably caused the demise of whole forests due to the huge amount of
paper which is used.  And of course, what did we do before the Xerox machine
became a part of our lives.   I think we have to make a deliberate decision
to cut down on the use of those throwaway things in our lives which are made
from trees.   (Petroleum is another issue, and it's mindboggling to think of
eliminating it from our lives.)

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