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[at-l] Rate the adventure

With all this talk about hikers dying and taking responsibility for their
actions, etc...  I though you all might enjoy this excellent system we use
out West.  Jason
GA>ME '97

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This system (provided by Gary Wolff of CMC(Colorado Mountain Club)) is used
to rate hikes after the fact, according to how 'epic' the hike was. So, for
example, one would do a hike and then give the epic adventure rating
following the Roman numeral grade of overall difficulty, and the Yosemite
Decimal difficulty rating, for example: (III, 5.7, E2).

E1:   Underestimation of or delay in completion of a hike resulting in being 
      late for dinner with your significant other.

E2:   Same as E1 except that the hiking partner is one of the opposite sex.

E3:   Same as E1 except that a bivouac is required.

E4:   Same as E2 except that a bivouac is required.

E5:   Getting lost or hung up on a short hike requiring rescue.

E6:   Same as E5 except involving injury.

E7:   Getting lost or hung up on an isolated hike where rescue requires an 
      elaborate effort.

E8:   Same as E7 except involving injury.

E9:   Some, but not all, of the members of the party are killed.

E10:  Same as E8 except a major and dangerous effort is required to rescue the 
      injured party members and recover bodies.

E11:  All members of the party are killed.

E12:  The entire party vanishes.

E13:  The entire party and the rescue team searching for them vanishes.

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