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Re: [at-l] re: hunting

   The most common public lands for hunting are national forest property.
Usually hunting season is pretty limited and during those times, being extra
careful and wearing bright blaze orange is a prudent precaution for anyone,
hunters and hikers alike.
   Recognizing that boundaries are not always crystal clear, I have found
folks in Shenandoah National Park wearing blaze orange vests during hunting
   Hunting is a legitimate activity and hunters seem to be extremely careful
and very environment conscious.  We all need to share our environment and be
good stewards.  

>Cindi wrote:
>> the intent of my original post was to point out that perhaps trails where
>> people are always walking around, and that's pretty much what those
>> footpaths are for, may not be the best place to be firing guns.
>Where would you have people fire guns?  There is almost no trailless wilderness
>left in U.S. outside of Alaska.  And the game populations need to be controlled
>whether there is a trail or not.

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