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[at-l] hunting and driving

If a hiker is run over by a hunter driving his car to the woods, what category would 
that fall in? 

I think that we have perhaps over-analyzed this thing. It is far simpler than we are 
letting it be. If you are hiking when it's hunting season, wear orange. You probably 
won't get shot. If you are uncomfortable hiking during hunting season, wait a couple 
of weeks. For the most part, deer season is the only time that anything is shot at a 
great distance, and therefore is the most dangerous: Wear more orange. I don't believe 
a guy is going to shoot something wearing orange. 

As far as being Ambassadors, its a sad day for humanity when we have to be told to 
treat others with civility, to make it better for those who follow. I don't say 
"Hello"  to anyone because I'm a hiker and I want them to like hikers, or treat me to 
trail magic. No, I say "Hello" because I genuinely feel that each person I meet may be 
my next best-friend. Forrest Gump-ish? Maybe. But what are ya gonna do?


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