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[at-l] Peaceful Co habitation

After reading the mail lately, I'd like to introduce those of you who 
don't know of it's existance, to rec.backcountry. It's a bulletin board/
usenet newsgroup accessible through most ISPs (I think),through DejaNews
http://www.dejanews.com   [enter guns in backcountry or the like]
or through Backpacker's AOL site (I think).

_Unlike_ the AT-L list, people on rec.backcountry revel in pissing each 
other off.  The flame wars there are legend and most of the time quite 
fun or at least interesting.  _Unlike_ the AT-L, civility is not 
required.  It's a great place to spout off and get flamed for it.

I hope the above acts as a gentle hint for all of us to moderate the 
tone of of our posts and try and maintain the civility that I have come 
to appreciate on the AT-L.  In many ways, this list is unique, in that
aspect, in the jungle of the internet. 
Not trying to limit the subjects discussed here...only the manner.

And for you who, like me, enjoy a good verbal fist fight....see you on

If I've upset anyone with this, flames will be accepted at......
kahley7@ptd.net....don't worry.....I can take it!
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