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[AT-L] Pack Survey

> Problems with hip belts sliding down is why my friend and I designed a 
> cupped hip belt that curves over the top of your hip bones.  It grabs 
> the top of your hip bones so you don't need to pull it so tight to keep 
> it from slipping down.  Many people have told me it is the most 
> comfortable belt they have ever worn.  It comes standard on all Natural 
> Balance models. See www.sanasys.com/balance
> Steve
Yea the cupped hip belts are great. They have been on Dana Designs for
many years, and they really do work great. Steve did you read the
review of your packs in Backpacker ?  I was concerned that they didn't
seem to like the suspension system under heavy loads. Have you found that
to be a problem? 
As far as womens packs Alison uses a Dana Design Tenth anniversary Terraplane
which she raves about . But whatever pack, make sure it is fit correctly
by someone who knows how to fit a pack for a woman. Make sure they are
not afraid to find the crest of your hip bones. And don't forget to read
Jeffs' article on pack fitting. Finding the right pack can be lots of fun
or it can be the Nightmare on Elm Street, so arm yourself with as much
information as you can on the brands you like and how to fit and adjust
them, you're more likely to find that perfect pack and hey you'll impress
the sales people (old saying: If you can't dazzle them with brilliance,
baffle them with BS ).

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
ME to GA '97