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Re: [AT-L] Pack Survey

I just got your e-mail on this.  My response is biased and unfair--I 
make packs for a living. But I have to say that alot of short people 
(and I am one) have told me that my pack (Natural Balance) is the only 
one that would fit their short torso's.  

The reason is that the back length on mine is very adjustable- up to 
about 8-10 inches. Couple that with two frame sizes, and you cover an 
enormous range of torso lengths.
Furthermore the backlength on my packs is adjustable with the pack on! 
So it is easier to adjust, and you can do it with the pack fully 
loaded. Plus you can make micro adjustmanets on the trail.

You probably didn't know that your back length changes by up to half an 
inch when you lean forward gpoing up hill!  I change the back length as 
easily as tightening a shoulder strap every time I change from 
predominantly uphill to predominantly downhill terrain.  Often I change 
the backlength just to vary the amount of weight on the shoulders vs. 
the hips.  You know the shorter the backlength the more weight you 
carry on your shoulders; but let the back length get too long and the 
pack starts to fall away from your back forcing you to bend forward at 
the waist and that puts strain on your lower back ligiaments. Just 
right all the time is really nice!


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Comfortable Backpacks

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we started, and know the place for the first time" --T.S. Eliot