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Re: [AT-L] Pack Survey

Hi Milt!
        I bought an Osprey Isis some time ago, and while it feels really
good with some weight in it, I'm having some reservations that it's big
enough to carry all my gear for a thru-hike.  I don't plan on carrying a lot
of weight (not if I can possibly help it!), but am more worried about bulky
items and I don't want to look like a one-woman gypsy caravan with gear
hanging all over the place off my pack! God knows it's already bad enough
what with all the straps and all hanging everywhere... ;-)  The Isis is
4300cu.in in the small size, and the medium is 4500.  My torso is 18 inches,
so the salesguy told me to go for the small.  I may try to bring it back and
special order an Osprey Amelia instead.  The size isn't a *whole* lot more
(4800cu.in in a small & 5100 in a med.), but I'm thinking that plus their
Vector Day pack strapped onto the back (they have quite a few additions for
their packs that actually look very handy...), which adds another 850
cu.in., may just do the trick.  The Vector Day also has its own shoulder
straps so that you can bring whatever stuff you need should you happen to
take a day off to see a town.  Anyhow, sorry about rambling!  Should you
want one, I could run into Ottawa and pick up an Osprey catalog to send your
way (e-mail me if you'd like one).  Good luck to your girlfriend! :)

Take care,
Cindi  (who is 5'4 & 1/2" - don't forget the 1/2!!)
Ga -> Me '97

>Good morning all!
>I'd like to get a quick surver of packs used by the ladies out there. My 
>girlfriend, who is 5'3" would like to get a new pack. She's currently 
>using an REI Rising Star which is a smallish internal frame pack. It has 
>worked well but it's not easy to attach anything on the outside and is a 
>bit small for all the junk she likes to carry.
>She'd like to go something in the 4500-5000 cu. in. range that fits the
>short female torso well. This won't be for extended trips mostly 1-2
>nighters at 5-10 mpd. 
>Thanks everyone - if you post to me direst I'll will summarize all of the 
> -Uncle Milt
>			Milt Webb, IQ Software Corp.
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>			while others just rinse and spit.
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