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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Waldo's Return

On Mon, 14 Oct 1996, Christina S. Young wrote:

> >
> >Richard S. Lubitz wrote:
> >> 
> >> Diana:
> >> This isn't the same waldo who did the trail in '93 with rainmaker, looksdown
> >> and yogi is it?
> >
> >no. this kid is fresh out of high school. this is his first thru-hike
> >(although technically it's no longer a thru-hike).:)
> technically, he is a punk kid who never really finished the sedate
> high school of norm, but is "differently educated", a loose term to describe
> his ability to learn in the most unoque of enviroments!
> --christeena
> >
> --

I got to know Waldo fairly well during his three-day layover in Hot
Springs, and I didn't find a "punk kid" at all. Of the more than 10,000
thru-hikers I have met over the years, he is possibly the single most
talented and gifted individual I have met. He has had the good fortune to
be born with fairly good looks, an outgoing personality, and a high degree
of intelligence, and, if that weren't enough, he has been raised in
a nuturing family that has encouraged him (and given him the freedom) to
develop his talents to the fullest. Even more impressive to me is his
self-awareness, at a young age, that he has a responsibility to use his
talents to try to make this a better and more just world for everyone. If
all this sounds like high praise, it is! And, Waldo is not the only one I
could say this about. I meet a lot of 17, 18, and 19-year-old thru-hikers
each year, and the potential of almost all of them never ceases to amaze
me. What a great group. Experience has taught me, howver, that where life
gives an abundance of potential, much pain and suffering will be required
if it is to be realised for the good of all. I think it is in our own best
interest to encourage the very talented young among us. Offer constructive
criticism when justified, but rejoice in helping them soar. If you have
the pleasure of meeting Waldo (or any number of other younger thru-hikers)
on the Trail, take the time to get to know him (them). I think you'll go
away feeling infinitely better about the future. -- Wingfoot