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question: losing weight on the AT

Hi all!

I have what may be an odd question.  I'm planning a '98 (or possibly '99)
thru-hike.  I'm also on a diet, and my goal weight is 115 (I'm short).
I've heard that thru-hikers can expect to lose about as much weight as they
carry.  That makes sense, but it sounds a little weird, since I'm sure most
people start off in a lot better shape than I'm in right now.  Is it true
anyway?  If so, should I leave some "padding" on top of my goal weight so I
don't end up emaciated on Katahdin?  Or should I get to my goal weight and
just eat a whole lot on the trail? :-)  Or am I being a weirdo for
worrying?  (Always a possibility.)

- ellie