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Zamberlan Levante GT boots

Just brought home a pair of Zamerlan Levante hiking boots. I spent 1 1/2 hr
at REI today fitting on boots, plus an 1 1/2 hr last week at a local camping
store fitting on boots.  The only one that came close to fitting my "hoof"
was the Zamerlan.  Anyone have any experience with this boot.  It is an all
leather w/gortex from Italy.  So far I have only walked around the house in
it, which I will do for a day yet at least to be sure they are okay.  I'd
hate to get them dirty and then not be able to return them.  I have such a
heck of a time getting a boot to fit.  This is my 3rd boot in 10 yrs. and not
one has really fit my foot like I would like.  The Zamerlan, I believe, has
come the closest so far.

Any good "breaking in" advise, as this is my first all leather pair.  I hope
to use them in about 2 weeks for a 4-5 day hike.

IL Fltlndr@aol.com