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Favorite Shelter

This is one of the questions most frequently asked of me.  I really like 
my (now memorized) answer:

Moreland Gap Shelter, 15 miles South of Hampton, TN.  It's small, no
privy, duct tape all over the roof, water is 150 yards steep downhill, no
view.  It's 30 years old and the floor shows it.  But on Day 31, I arrived
in a huge thunderstorm, put on dry long-sleeve clothes and crouched in the
back while the swirling wind soaked 2/3 of the shelter.  My sheltermate
and I laid our sleeping bags sideways across the back and each huddled
over hot dinners.  As I sat there eating I said, "Do you feel as totally
content and comfortable as I do right now?" He understood. I felt more 
comfortable in that shelter than I have in any other.

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