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Favorite Shelter

        A few come to mind - Chestnut Ridge (where I made picture perfect
pancakes on my new 10" teflon skillet and served with real maple syrup).
(Steppingstone of '95 would remember this - he even took a picture of my
pancake! - If you're in Hot Springs, Steppingstone is working at Elmer's).

        Bryant Ridge - A work of art - too bad we only had time for lunch.

        Webatuck (Wiley) Shelter just past Pawling,NY - what a great job the
caretaker does there!  Ice water on hand, newspapers, magazines to read.

        Other nice ones that we always seem to hit at lunch - Molly
Denton,Thomas Floyd Wayside,RPH

        Can't forget Goddard Shelter - one of the few shelters with a nice
view - music supplied by Fiddlehead on Guitar, ice cold water from the
stream - yes!

        Stratton Mtn. ski hut (does that count?) - heated,lights! - too bad
Expresso had to puke up his dehydrated tomatoes in the middle of the night
on the step leading into the hut - outdoor concert by Foreigner down below
in Stratton Village.

        And how could I forget Gov. Clement Shelter - that deep dark hole of
a shelter  where a wild flying red bug bit me in the ass! (Wasn't much to
bite after all those miles!)

Full Moon '95

Mark and Janet Holmes (GA-Me '95)
Fox Hill Inn - Innkeepers
VA 16
Troutdale,VA  ( 4 miles from Dickey Gap on the AT)
AT Hiker stopping point in the Grayson Highlands!
540-677-3313 or 1-800-874-3313 (for reservations)
email - mholmes@netva.com