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Re: [AT-L] Sealers of all sorts

Felix wrote:
>I have One-Sport Moraines. The directions say to not treat them with 
>anything. I have used Sno-Seal on them once, in a rebellious fit of rage. 
>Should I continue? I don't think that Sno-seal has anything that will 
>damage the leather, as some chemical-based sealers do...

I can't answer your question but, if its any consolance, I also own a pair
of Maoraines.  I tried using the REI-brand waterproofing stuff but I wan't
happy with the results.  That stuff just seemed to peel off.  Prior to that,
I have always used Sno-Seal (on all my other boots).  I'm going back to
SnoSeal and will use it on my Moraines.