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Re: [AT-L] Sealers of all sorts

Jason wrote:

>On a similar note, I was wondering which type of boot treatment people on 
>the list have used and had good/bad experiences with.  


Can't help you with the sealer (I use whatever I can find) but as far as 
boot treatment, it depends on what the material of your boot is. Mine are 
all leather Asolo's. The outfitter, whom I trust, recommended 3 coats of 
aqueous Nikwax, then a coat of BiWell. I used that combination on two hikes 
involving snow, slush, and rain, and my feet were always dry. I used to use 
Sno Seal on older boots and never had a problem with that either. As most 
long distance hikers can tell you, on long hikes, your feet eventually get 
wet as the treatment wears off. 

Peter H. Fornof