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Re: Dehydrator on overnite?

Hello Beau -

I said:

>> He told me about Dept. of Agriculture publications that list each of the
>> meats and gave their water content by weight....

You asked:

>        Are these still in print from the FEDS or some State Dept. of Ag.?
>Or could you post them?  I mostly go by the it feels about right method but
>the meats and fish worry me....

I don't have any idea...I decided not to bother with them once I found out
that I couldn't overdry my cooked meats (I would bet that the pubs are
still available, since they are used in the commercial world).

I just dry the meat (I only do the "white" meats...fish and fowl) until it
can get no crunchier.  I usually give it at least 24 hours and often let it
run for days.  I grind up my cooked meats before I dehydrate them and I
always break open a few of the "popcorns" from each tray to make sure they
are completely dry before I bag up the batch.  If I have any doubts about
the dryness, I let it run for another day or two.

I realize that I probably gave the wrong impression in my earlier message.
I ignore drying times on ALMOST everything and let the dehydrator go til
the meat or veggies can get no crunchier.  I DO pay attention to the fruit
leather, as it gets brittle if you leave it in too long.  The brittle stuff
still eats good (very tasty crunched up and sprinkled over hot or cold
cereal), but I enjoy the leather that feels like leather more on the trail.

BTW, I took a look at the University of Georgia web site that Bob posted
(*** Thanks, Bob! ***).  It didn't list any of the pubs and, like most of
the info I have been able to find, doesn't directly address dehydrating
cooked veggies and cooked meats.  I love the graphic of the thru-hiker with
a knife & fork!

I did a quick web search on "dehydrating cooked meats" (AltaVista) and hit
an interesting and fairly comprehensive Department of Agriculture gopher
site.  It might be worth looking at if you want to find out about the pubs.
Also ran into the "Happy Hovel" up in WA...looks like a lot of food
preservation ideas for survivalists (?)...will have to check into it one of
these days.

What kinds of meats do you dehydrate and how do you use them later?

y'all come,
            Charlie II

charlie2@ro.com    Huntsville,Al