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Re: [AT-L] Woohoo!!

Hello Cindi -

You bragged:

>...there'll be a lotta dehydratin' goin' on around these here parts....

Which one...snackmaster or gardenmaster?

A few things that I have noticed about my AH dehydrators:
you CAN go above 12 trays per base unit if you have some reason to;
the plastic in my drying trays got brittle when I ran them in the bottom
part of my dishwasher (close to the heating element); and,
watch out for dropped items down the center hole (my Scouts killed one of
mine when a dried pinto bean fell down thru the center, jammed the blower
in the middle of the night, and caused a base-unit meltdown!).

I love mine...good luck with yours!

y'all come,
            Charlie II

charlie2@ro.com    Huntsville,Al