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Re: [AT-L] patches

>  I agree with Cindi. How this thread could invoke this flame, I'll never
>know. I have not responded to the thread because I don't have strong
>feelings either way. I can't make it to the ALDHA meeting and I am on the
>Trail about 3 weeks per year. I'd get AT-L patch if there were one though -
>why not.
>I plan to attend the 97 ATC meeting in Maine. It could be useful. 

Jes' stickin' up for one of my newfound list buddies - seems I've grown
rather attached to you all! :)  But on the other hand I *do* apologize if my
comments offended anyone on the list - in hindsight I guess I could've
restrained myself from "going public" and sent a personal e-mail instead.
Then again, hindsight is always 20/20, right? ;-)

Take care all,