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RE: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] scouts

I rather concur the this individual has too much negativity, or the
mentality of a New Jersey jet.

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>I can see that some people haven't been hiking enough - they have an
>excess of negative energy built up.  If you want to cure that, I'm sure
>the PATC will be having another work trip somewhere next weekend.
>There's enough work to do on the trails that you won't have the energy
>to think about flames.   I'll post our trail log from last weekend sometime
>Walk softly,
>>Look! a flame from a teacher from the state that has the nations
>>fifth worse SAT scores! You should spend more time teaching,
>>less time flaming moron.
>>> What has always amazed me is that the people who complain about off
>>> and a waste of bandwidth commit the same act as the perpetrator when
>>> post their complaint for all to see.
>>> Seems like an oxyMORON to me.  :^)