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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] scouts

I can see that some people haven't been hiking enough - they have an
excess of negative energy built up.  If you want to cure that, I'm sure
the PATC will be having another work trip somewhere next weekend.
There's enough work to do on the trails that you won't have the energy
to think about flames.   I'll post our trail log from last weekend sometime

Walk softly,

>Look! a flame from a teacher from the state that has the nations
>fifth worse SAT scores! You should spend more time teaching,
>less time flaming moron.
>> What has always amazed me is that the people who complain about off topic
>> and a waste of bandwidth commit the same act as the perpetrator when they
>> post their complaint for all to see.
>> Seems like an oxyMORON to me.  :^)