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Re: Footprints & hiking poles

LFltlndr@aol.com writes:
> Okay.....I gotta say it. Quite often when I am hiking and staring down at
> trail so I don't trip and break a leg, I see the holes from the hiking
> etc. I find that they take away from my "experience" because I feel like
> someone just walked by there a few minutes ago.....bye, bye wilderness.

>>One one hand, the impact of hiking on trails (even the very existence
of maintained trails) suggests that the environment will "suffer."  I
suppose one has to weigh the relative importance of the various types
of impact.  I suppose also that it's not true wilderness to even be on a
"trail."  If the holes bother you, what about footprints? If I'm on a
trail, footprints and holes usually are among the farthest thing from
my mind.  I'm enjoying the scenery too much, which is why I'm out
there in the first place.


I agree!! Trails are nothing more than a mere collection of footprints
leading me towards the vistas I'm seeking. The poles really do add a degee of
stability on rough and slippery trails. Having just returned from a hike on
the North Kaibab and Nankoweap trails I am sold on using the poles. No
blisters and no sore knees!! Trail conditions were very rough on both trails.
Mules seem to create more trail damage than the crews can keep up with.