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      Patches are a great way to spot fellow hikers that are on this
Listserve. In addition
they can make other statements such as the year of your Thru-Hike. In my
hiking I have meet people on there thru hike, years ago. It would make it
easier for me to see an AT-L patch with an 88 on and possibly remeber,
hey I hiked 5 days with that person back in 88.Or perhaps we both can
relate to to ohers hiking the same year. 
    At the Gathering it will be easy enough to use the name tag provided
and add AT-L or 93 and your trail name etc. If someone makes up an AT-L
patch for a couple of bucks I`ll buy one! Bring as bunch to the
       Another Idea with the ribbon concept. Many trophy stores will
print logos etc on
ribbons. That would be nice and cheap. Maybe i`ll print up some with my
on logo to hand out to fellow thru hikers next year. Several years ago
their was an Aussie couple passing out little Kangaroo`s to fellow thru
hikers, a great sovienier.

hike your on hike and enjoy it

dont tread on my patches, he he

Georgia>97>Main   Chase