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Re: [AT-L] Scouting ?!

On Sat, 21 Sep 1996, Sandra Downs wrote:

> Hi, folks -
> Attended my first Girl Scout training session today. I hooked up with 'em to

> I was concerned when the leaders whipped out bow saws and showed us how to
> use 'em. "Isn't that against leave no trace ethics?" asked I...their reply

I was in the Boy Scouts for a while, and realized recently at an ADK 
(Adirondak Mts Club) leadership training seminar, that the scouts have a 
long tradition of this sort of thing.  Remember that there is a lot of 
history and tradition to their 'standard procedures.'  I think there is a 
lot still left over from the 1950's, when 'campcraft' was a big thing.  
There are still (or were last I checked) merit badges for making 
furniture out of trees and contests for that type of thing.  I think they 
are starting to change, but I think it will take an entire shift in 
general attitude just as it did for hikers.  With such a big and old 
organization, I think it will take longer.

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