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Scouting ?!

Hi, folks -

Attended my first Girl Scout training session today. I hooked up with 'em to
assist my sister-in-law, who needs a helper for taking the Brownies camping.
She, along with my hubby, has never spent a night outdoors and is not
comfortable in the woods. 

I was concerned when the leaders whipped out bow saws and showed us how to
use 'em. "Isn't that against leave no trace ethics?" asked I...their reply
was they cut wood and built fires on the Laurel Highlands Trail when taking
troops through, but did not in areas where open fires were not allowed. I
asked "why not just search for deadwood" and they said, yes, we use the bow
saws for cutting deadwood, not green. 

Still, I thought the age of live fires on hiking trails was behind us. Maybe
not, I guess. Your comments? I certainly don't agree with training the girls
to build fires anywhere but approved campground campsites. Certainly not
along a hiking trail. Just my $.02

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