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Re: Southbound

althea@utxvms.cc.utexas.edu wrote:

>hey y'all. 
>no, I don't think you're nuts. my friend (aka a_large_ jelly_ donut) 
>thought it would be better to hike southbound. It's more appropriate for 
>starting in June, and it skips the crowd. I don't have many experiences 
>to compare, but I've heard that AT is too crowded. An acquaintance even 
>said that I might have a better time on the PCT. either that, or take off 
>for Alaska.

Another option for avoiding the crowds is to hike northbound, but start
early. There were many days when I didn't see a single person, and over
one stretch I went for an entire month and only met 1 other thruhiker.
Quite a few people left earlier than I did (March 10), and had even more
of a solitary experience. You just have to put up with winter for a few
weeks. The CDT is another option if you really want to avoid the crowds
(I know, it's still not a REAL trail yet).

Mark Tabb